Pocket Smoke Mask (PSM) is intended to provide a short-term respiratory filter escape tool in the event of a fire caused by natural disaster, human error or terrorist attack. The 20 minutes of breathable air PSM provides is more than enough for people to escape from dangerous toxic gases in most situations.
PSM is especially suitable for people who often visit or stay in locations where the fire escape route is not immediately obvious or near the person’s position, such as in high rise office blocks and apartments.The flat packed nature of the PSM allows easy storage at homes or workplace as a precaution to possible emergencies, while also being convenient to carry around when traveling to save guard against unfamiliar surroundings.

PSM is currently being used at:
‧ Basement constructions
‧ Casinos
‧ Chemical industries
‧ Factories
‧ Government
‧ High rise buildings
‧ Hotels
‧ Hospitals
‧ Residential complexes
‧ Security applications
‧ Transportation companies
‧ Warehouse
‧ Workshops

PSM is most suitable for persons who are:
‧ Employers wishing to provide extra precaution at workplace.
‧ Parents wishing to safeguard family members who are away from home.
‧ Residents in high rise buildings and basement.
‧ Workers at risk from unexpected contamination.
‧ Using underground transportation on a regular basis.
‧ Cinema or theater goers.
‧ Attending crowded venues.
‧ Regular overseas travelers.
‧ At risk of exposure to terrorist activities.

Our Clients
HKMASK is a worldwide distributor and retailer of the fire safety product PSM. With our Global Network, the PSM is employed as a precaution measure in countless industries all over the world. We would like to thank all of our clients for giving us an opportunity to protect their staff and their continued support for us. Below is a partial list of significant clients who choose the PSM to protect their staff and their customers.