For your information, we have included a few links to other websites about the importance of home and workplace fire safety. We hope the extra knowledge would be helpful to your safety alongside with our Pocket Smoke Mask in the event of a fire emergency.

US Fire Administration
The USFA website has detailed fire prevention tips mainly targeted at homes and schools. Its casualties and financial loss statistics are also one of the most up to date in the US.

Home Safety Council
Home Safety Council includes a whole range of home and children safety information other than fire safety. It also provides basic introductions on non-smoke mask fire safety tools.

The Police Notebook
A police safety site by the police of the University of Oklahoma. The Police Notebook Contains a very useful fire escape practice checklist and information on escape route planning.

Mostly information on child safety for home safety. KidsHealth contain much useful knowledge in the event of smoke at home.

Fire Gateway
British government fire safety website which contains al rounded fire safety information from home to workplace. Has a lot of information on legal obligations and rights regarding fire safety in the UK.

Sparky the Fire Dog
An animated fire prevention website for kids. Uses a variety of games and stories to educate children about fire safety.

Smokey Bear
Another kid’s website, but solely targets wild fire safety. Has many highly crafted downloadable items.


Texas / South Central News – Insurer Arguing Smoke, Pollution – not Fire – Caused Deaths in Houston.
Office fire deaths not covered by insurance as smoke caused death are considered as pollution, which is a sited exemption of the insurance policy.

High Country News – Smoke and fire.
Suggests “health destroying” smoke caused by small wild fire may not be put off by the government which could lead to potential larger fire.

The Morning News – Smoke Inhalation Likely Cause In Fire Death, Police Say.
Another fire death caused by smoke inhalation, instead of burning.

CBS News – NYC Adds WTC Dust Death To 911 List.
Shows excess dust inhalation, which could be prevented if wearing a PSM, can also cause death, even after the crisis.

The Age – No smoke detectors in fire-death house.
A sad scenario where the neighbor was unable to enter the smoke filled fire scene to save the victim.