The Pocket Smoke Mask (PSM) is a small, portable heat resistant hood that covers the entire head. It provides effective barrier for your eyes, nose, and mouth from lethal smoke and fumes during fire hazards. The PSM’s ionized filter blocks the harmful particles in the heavy smoke and allows you to breathe while making your way to safety during emergency situations.
The transparent film can resist high temperature to 450℃, it is designed to fit the face completely, even with glasses, beard or long hair. The hood allows the user to retain a full 360° sight, talk and listen clearly when wearing the hood.
‧ NASA graded high temperature resistance Polyamide Film
‧ Tested by Mark Examination Bureau
Neck Strap:
The neck strap made of fire resist material which also has an excellent elasticity and stretch. One size fits all adults, children and infant.
‧ Fire resistance TPU material
Gas Filter:
The 7-layered filter can stop and block the toxic gases in fire and is difficult to break through directly. The elaborative construction filter purifies the toxic particles in the air to breathable standards within its effective period.
‧ Made from non-woven and activated carbon fiber
‧ Filters more than 20 minutes of toxic smoke from fire
‧ Tested by the Industrial Research Institute
‧ Hood: Polyamide Film
‧ Neck Strap: Elastic TPU material
‧ Filters: Activated carbon filters
‧ Gross weight (with package) = 58 g ± 3g
‧ Net weight (without package) = 42 g ± 3g
‧ Size when packed in foil package = 13cm W x 22.5cm L x 1cm D
‧ Size when unfolded = 38cm W x 39.5cm L x 0.4cm D
‧ Packaging: Vacuumed aluminum foil
‧ Color: Hood – transparent orange, Neck Strap – black, Filters – black.
‧ Shelf life – Five years (aluminum foil packaging unopened)
Filter Performance:
This filter performance test was performed by The Industrial Research Institute, Taiwan.
Test Gas mg/liter ppm Breakthrough
Acrylonitrile Acid




0.005mg at 2.2 ppm
20 min
0.2mg at 270 ppm
25 min
0.1mg at 31 ppm 21 min
0.008mg at 1.0 ppm
25 min
0.005mg at 1.2 ppm
20 min
Hydrogen cyanide
0.003mg at 2.6 ppm
28 min
Tetrachloro carbon
0.04 50 0.03 at 5 ppm 23 min

Test Method:
The chemical agents are added to the mixing chamber as a liquid using syringe pump. The gas is first vaporized and mixed with 30℃, 70% R.H. 30L./min clear air. Then this mixed gas flows into the test box. In this test, Multi-gas Monitor Type 1302, Brael & Kjaer, Denmark (non-disperse IR) is used to monitor the concentration of the gas.

The minimum breakthrough time is intended only for laboratory tests under standardized conditions. It does not give an indication of the possible service time in practical use. Possible service times can differ from the breakthrough times determined according to this standard in both directions positive or negative depending on the conditions of use.

PSM is not a self contained breathing apparatus. It can filter toxic smoke but cannot supply extra oxygen. The 7-layered filter system are filtering a limited Carbon Monoxide only. Escape from the fire and smoke immediately after putting the mask on.

Term Meaning
PSM Pocket Smoke Mask
The name of our product. Designed to protect user from smoke in the event of fire. Simple to use, easy to store and reasonably priced.
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
Equipments such as goggles, hamlets, and smoke masks designed to protect the user from (usually work related) injuries. The PSM is classified as a Personal Protective Equipment.
Activated Charcoal Used in parts of the PSM multi-layered filter as the main material to remove harmful substances from smoke.
BET: 1300 filter Used in parts of the PSM multi-layered filter to filter solid particles from smoke.
Polyamide Film Used to make the hood of the PSM. A high-tech material which can resistance high temperature up to 450°C. Also used in electronic wiring, laptops manufacturing and space industry.
TPU Thermoplastic polyurethanes
Used to make the neck strape of the PSM. High elasticity and excellent tear strength. Also good resistance to oil, grease and abrasion.
10-3 g, 1/1000th of a gram
Denotes one part per 1,000,000 parts, one part in 106, and a value of 1 × 10-6.
G-mark Good Design Award. It ranks as one of the world’s top three industrial design award and the most recognized certifications of quality, practicality and design in Asia.

Please review the warning section before using our product.
Please review the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions if you have question using the PSM. For further enquires, please feel free to contact us, we will assist you and respond as soon as possible.